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Dlubal structural Engineering models

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Dlubal RFEM is a standalone solution capable of designing civil and structural engineering projects of varying complexity in a wide range of construction materials. Its versatile application and easy-to-use interface makes Dlubal RFEM the perfect solution for projects such as buildings, sports stadia, industrial plant, bridges, water treatment tanks, and for day to day use on simpler design projects.

Dlubal RFEM provides international design codes including British Standards and Eurocode (all National Annexes are included), for steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, glass and composite projects.

The versatile modelling capability and material design and links to various products such as Revit, makes Dlubal RFEM an ideal solution as part of the BIM process. Dlubal RFEM is the answer for companies requiring a single platform with integrated analysis and design, automated documentation production and BIM capabilities.

Request your demonstration and free 90-day trial now to see how simple to use yet versatile the powerful Dlubal software is for your projects.

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