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CADS Retaining Wall Designer assists with the analysis and design of reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry and gabion retaining walls to Eurocode guidance.

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  • Calculations available for reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry and gabion retaining walls
  • Three kinds of reinforced masonry walls are supported:
    • Reinforced concrete cavity
    • Reinforced concrete pocket
    • Reinforced hollow block
  • Guided by Eurocode provisions (EC7, EC6 and EC2), UK National Annexes and the relevant text books
  • Earth pressure coefficients can be calculated using two methods:
    • EC7 Annex C2
    • Coulomb’s theory
  • Line loads can be applied to the retaining walls, including horizontal loads above the wall
  • Performs stability and strength checks
  • Handles multi-layered retained soils
  • Optional water table on retained and passive side
  • Produces a brief summary calculations report
  • Optional, configurable detailed calculations report
  • 3D display of structure, soil layers, loads and rebars
  • 2D view with reinforcement details
  • Earth pressure and bearing pressure graphs

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