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Our software is provided on three discs (Analysis, Modelling & Design, Detailing and Geotechnical). The links below are for those products that have been updated since the version on the disks. If you do not have the latest disk and would like one then please use the disc request form.

Please note for these versions to install correctly you must have your licensing details that were sent out with your software. Application Support and Windows Support must be installed first. Your browser will default to saving the file in your Downloads folder. When you open the folder and click on the application the installation process will place the necessary file in your Programs folder automatically.

CADS A3D V4.51 (Build 791)

CADS A3D Max V4.51 (Build 791)

SMART Portal 2D V4.43 (Build 498)

SMART Portal 3D V3.43 (Build 438)

Steelwork Member Designer V3.72 (Build 423)

CADS Revit SCIA Engineer link V2019 (Build 421)

CADS Revit SCIA Engineer link V2019 (Build 434)

VelVenti V2.0 (Build 119)


Click here for the latest release notes.

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