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AutoCAD OEM is what’s known as a ‘white label’ version of Autodesk AutoCAD. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part is in this case the AutoCAD ‘engine’ provided by Autodesk Inc. which CADS has been licenced to embed in the our own CADS RC software.

This proven CAD platform enabled CADS’ software developers to build a special version of CADS RC (and RebarCAD) which includes an integrated AutoCAD® OEM core which means that it does not require a separate full copy of AutoCAD or subscription to run it.

CADS RC Lite features the regular user interface and essential AutoCAD functionality to make it easy to learn for anyone familiar with AutoCAD. Experienced CADS RC users will find the combination very familiar and will hit the ground running!

If you are a current CADS RC Lite user please contact us to discuss your renewal options.

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