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CADS has developed a suite of software designed to complement each other when you are designing foundations. Combine CADS Beam Designer, Pile Cap Designer, Pad Base Designer and Bearing Pile Designer for a comprehensive suite with links to CADS RC for detailing.



CADS RC builds on the industry standard platform AutoCAD. It fully exploits the stable 2D drawing environment of AutoCAD, tailoring a solution for rebar detailing and bar bending scheduling that meets the stringent requirements of the industry.


CADS RC Lite features the regular user interface and essential AutoCAD functionality to make it easy to learn for anyone familiar with AutoCAD. Experienced CADS RC users will find the combination very familiar and will hit the ground running!
Analysis 3D Max


2D/3D elastic/plastic/P-Delta frame analysis with integrated BS5950/EC3 and BS8110/EC2 design with links to AutoCAD and CADS RC.
CADS RC beam designer

RC Beam Designer

EC2 and BS 8110 design of continuous reinforced concrete beams. Use stand alone or linked to frame analysis. Automatic details via a link to CADS RC.
RC Pilecap designer

RC Pile Cap Designer

EC2 and BS 8110 design of RC pilecaps for up to 9 piles. Use stand alone or linked to frame analysis. Automatic bar details via a link to AutoCAD and CADS RC.
RC pad designer

RC Pad Base Designer

Automatic EC2/EC7 and BS 8110/ BS 8004 design of groups of reinforced or mass-concrete foundations. Use stand alone or linked to frame analysis and SMART Portal with links to CADS RC.
Piled wall suite

Piled Wall Suite

Practical analysis and design of embedded walls in concrete or steel to various methods including BS and EC7. Analysis and design of sheet piles, king piles, contiguous bored piles, diaphragm walls and cofferdams; excellent calcs, dwgs and dxf files.
CADS reslope


Slope stability analysis software including soil reinforcement circular and non-circular failure surfaces, Bishops's, Janbu, etc.
CADS Bearing pile designer

Bearing Pile Designer

Geotechnical design software that calculates the vertical and horizontal bearing capacity of bearing piles and pile groups. Can be used with CADS RC Pilecap Designer.
Dlubal RFEM

Dlubal RFEM

Dlubal RFEM is a standalone solution capable of designing civil and structural engineering projects of varying complexity in a wide range of construction materials. Its versatile application and easy-to-use interface makes perfect for all types of structure.
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