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Portal Frame

CADS has developed a suite of software designed to complement each other when you are designing portal frame structures. We enable the design and checking of portal frames, steel moment connections and pad bases giving you a complete solution.


VelVenti enables the rapid calculation of peak wind velocity and pressure in accordance with BS 6399-2, EN 1991-1-4 and UK and Irish national annexes and ASCE 7-10. Simple to use in isolation or integrated with other CADS products.

Steel Simple Connection Designer

Quickly check simple steel connections based on BS EN 1993:2005 and SCI P358.

Steelwork Moment Connection Designer

Complements and extends the scope of the “Green Book” for moment connections, with all types of stiffeners and haunches linked to analysis and portal design.

SMART Portal 2D

A specialised, adaptable multi-bay portal frame software that’s easy to use and can design virtually any configuration of portal frame and combination of loadings and links to AutoCAD for details.

SMART Portal 3D

A specialised building modeller for designing single and multi-bay portal frame buildings. Complete 3D solutions can be designed in seconds for rapid costing and linked to steelwork detailing software for details.

RC Pad Base Designer

Automatic EC2/EC7 and BS 8110/ BS 8004 design of groups of reinforced or mass-concrete foundations. Use stand alone or linked to frame analysis and SMART Portal with links to CADS RC.

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