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SCIA Editions

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Standard SCIA Engineer Editions cover all engineering tasks and include tools for structural BIM, preparation of project documentation and drawings. You can add individual modules to the Editions.

A full list of what’s included in the SCIA Engineer Editions.

Multimaterial office building

Concept Edition

The Concept Edition is aimed especially for the day-to-day work of engineers who need to handle all phases of the design process, modelling, analysis, code design and check and the preparation of reports.

It includes: 3D modelling of frames and surfaces, 3D climatic load generation, BIM support (including CADS’ Revit Link), static linear and non-linear analysis covering large displacements, tension-only beams, compression-only supports, foundation pad design, stability analysis, design of reinforced concrete beams, columns, surfaces and steel beams.

Steel bridge

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is designed for Engineers having higher demands in analysis and design.

It extends the modelling, analysis and code-checks capabilities of the Concept Edition. It offers a general cross-section creator, design of steel connections, stability and dynamic calculations including general dynamics, earthquake and fire resistance checks. Routine and repetitive work can be automated using parametric modelling. Also,  an automated generator of general arrangement drawings is included.

Prestressed bridge

Expert Edition

The Expert Edition extends the Professional Edition and addresses the most demanding users.

It comes with highly advanced calculation modules for slender and suspended structures as well as for structures sensitive to the construction process. This Edition also provides design tools for precast and bridge industries. It includes the generation of mobile loads, construction stages analysis, time-dependant analysis, prestressing, post-tensioning, prestressed concrete checks, etc.


Scaffolding Edition

SCIA Scaffolding covers the whole structural design workflow for scaffolds: modelling, analysis, design, specific checks of tubes and couplers to the Eurocodes (EN 12810-12811), reporting and GA drawings. It delivers precision, safety and productivity.

Modelling can be done from scratch, with 3D grids or with a system of user blocks that include material, structural members (couplers, gaps, etc) and article numbers. Dedicated analysis functionality includes non-linear functions to simulate the actual behaviour of couplers, friction springs at support, 3D wind load distribution and the generation of combinations to the codes. Second order analysis can be carried out, taking into account initial deformations based on a buckling shape. Code-based checks are clearly documented in a detailed report that includes references to code articles and formulas. Finally, the same 3D model is utilised to create customisable GA drawings that can be arranged on the paperspace for final print out.

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