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SMART Engineer Supports Masonry Retaining Walls

SMART Engineer supports masonry retaining walls

    SMART Engineer is a civil & structural engineers’ compendium of calculation templates to either British Standards or Eurocodes and includes tools for 1D and 2D frame analysis.

    In the latest release of the software we have added a new template to check the stability and strength of reinforced masonry retaining walls to BS 5628-2 and CP2. The new template supports three types of reinforced stem construction:

    • Reinforced cavity
    • Reinforced pocket
    • Reinforced hollow block

    Documentation can be standardised and printed directly or exported to Word. Users can configure the calculation sheet size, borders, header text, logo and font types.

    Find out more about SMART Engineer.

    Pocket reinforced masonry retaining wall
    Part input for reinforced cavity retaining wall
    Part stability input page showing quick result report
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