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About CADS Dlubal RFEM

Dlubal Company Profile

CADS was appointed as a Dlubal Business Partner in 2019 and is responsible for the UK, Ireland, India, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Our team of engineers have many years of experience in Finite Element analysis and will help with any sales enquires, support and training. CADS can also provide consultancy services if required.

Dlubal Software was established in 1987, and develops powerful yet user-friendly engineering software for structural and dynamic analysis and design. Its headquarters in Tiefenbach in Bavaria, Germany. The professional competence and enthusiasm of its nearly 300 employees involved in the development and continuous implementation of innovative new ideas clearly shows in their ‘company mindset’ and in the Dlubal programs themselves! Dlubal is proud to have more than 7,800 engineering offices, construction companies and universities all over the world as satisfied customers.

To meet the requirements of modern civil and structural engineering, there are 280 internal and external employees that continuously work on the development and improvement of Dlubal Software applications. Should you have questions and problems for which you do not find an answer in our FAQs, you can always rely on our e-mail hotline service. It will help you quickly and easily.

The perfect price-performance ratio of our software and the excellent customer service provided by the company makes Dlubal Software’s applications essential tools for anyone working in the areas of structural engineering, dynamics, and design.

Dlubal Reviews

User-Friendly Software

“In general I like RFEM because I think it’s very user-friendly, in fact it simplifies repetitive work a lot but at the same time you can control and set all parameters.”


Best Engineering Software

“Your software so far is best of all engineering software I have been using for years.”

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